Brimsley Tiger Film



A young, British engineer living in Brimsley, has won a contract for his company to build an oil pipe line in India and soon after begins dreaming of a white tiger. The dreams are haunting, foreboding, and seem to predict a future connected with the jungle and India. At one point the dreams seem to become real, claw marks on the door in the morning after a nightmarish dream.

He goes to work as usual that day, mentions the dreams to a friend who is more confused than helpful. He stops at a bar for a drink, walking home he realizes he is being stalked; the shadow and sounds of the tiger from his dreams are following him, haunting him, but he does not know why. He makes it home and closes the door in the nick of time before the unseen tiger is banging and clawing at the door only to vanish when the phone rings. His lady friend on the phone, she is already at her wits end with the tiger stories and the frantic description of his experience only makes things worse. She hangs up on him.

The next morning the engineer gets up to see that a homeless man on the news is claiming he saw a tiger on the streets the night before, a white tiger. After a long and bizarre search for the homeless man, the engineer finds him and is led on a foot chase into a shabby part of town where he loses him. As the engineer catches his breath, he is accosted by an elderly Hindu man, his name is Ajeet.

Ajeet is quiet and mysterious, insists the engineer come with him, as if he knows him. The engineer goes along under the circumstances, he has nothing to lose. They go a short ways to a small apartment where there is a elderly woman waiting for him smartly dressed in Hindu garb. She asks him to be seated.

She asks him if he remembers her, and she reminds him of his childhood in India, she was there many years ago. She reminds him of a story she once told him, about a white tiger. This tiger was said to protect the villages and places sacred to the people living there. It has come here because of the engineer’s work on the oil line in India, which must stop.

She tells him she is powerless against it and it has come to warn him, to use his power to stop the destruction planned for the oil line. If he does not, the power extending from his ancestors through all time will come to bear through this ghost tiger.

The engineer realizes he must go to India and create a solution first hand to save himself and the villages and jungle that are threatened. When he arrives he is advised workers on the pipeline are refusing to work since being attacked by a rogue tiger. The engineer is determined to find a way around this sacred area and goes out with a surveying crew, however a local company representative is doing his best to stop this change and goes out after the engineer to do his worst.

The engineer and his small crew realize they are now being protected by the tiger when the pursuing company agent is killed by the tiger. The engineer finally gets a glimpse of the tiger and now knows positive he must complete his task.

As the engineer and his surveying crew finish their new plans to avoid the sacred lands, the engineer has a dream of the tiger, it is calm now, but watchful. There is a sense of thankfulness in the tiger’s presence. As he awakens he sees a quick shadow and rises in time to see the white tiger slip off into the jungle.

Once back home again, he is now the hero for saving sacred land and gets his life back on track. He once more dreams of the jungle and the tiger, but all is at peace.


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